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Youth Internship Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Release, Waiver and Indemnification Agreement (Minor)
  • Step One

    1. City of Miramar Social Services Department Volunteer Application
    2. Sex
    3. Educational Background
    4. ​Please check the highest level of education completed.
    5. Highschool
    6. College
    7. Academic Standing Certification signed by school official
    8. Do you speak a foreign language
    9. Do you have a valid Level II background screening
    10. Emergency Contact:
    11. Volunteer Interest:
    12. Flexibility/Transportation
    13. City of Miramar Social Services Department is not responsible for transporting youth. I understand that I will have to schedule my own transportation to and from various sites. In participation with this program, I understand that I will have to report to multiple sites and therefore need to check my schedule in advance.
    14. Dress Code
    15. All volunteers must always convey a professional image. Each volunteer is expected to wear clean, neat, and appropriate clothing throughout each shift. Clothing that is revealing is not permitted. Proper care of hair, nails, and personal hygiene is also expected. Dress code is business casual. Jeans must be solid dark, hemmed, no holes. No leggings will be allowed. Closed-toed shoes are to be worn at all sites. Volunteers wearing inappropriate clothing/jewelry/tattoos may be sent home. Multiple infractions may result in removal from the Youth Internship Program.
    16. Confidentiality Agreement
    17. I will treat all information I receive from reports, department personnel and clients as confidential. I understand that I could jeopardize client confidentiality by disclosing confidential information. I will not discuss any aspect of a client with any person unless directed to do so by my supervisor. I agree that I will not use my association with the City of Miramar to seek favors for others or myself.
    18. Information/Authorization
    19. I hereby authorize any city, county, state, former employer or any other organization to furnish to any member of the Social Services Department any information considered necessary for the purpose of processing this application. A copy of this authorization shall be considered as valid as the original.
    20. Letter of Understanding/ Hold Harmless Agreement
    21. I understand that I am not an employee of the City of Miramar. I am not entitled to payment for services rendered, nor am I entitled to compensation or fringe benefits other than set out below. I further acknowledge that I am a volunteer for the purpose of the Fair Labor Standards Act. I wish to volunteer my services to the City of Miramar Social Services Department and/or observe members of the Miramar Social Services Department perform their duties. I understand that my status as a Volunteer may be revoked at any time. In consideration of the above granted authority to observe and other good and valuable consideration, I, my assigned heirs, executors or agents hereby agree to hold the City of Miramar and the Miramar Social Services Department harmless. I agree to indemnify the City of Miramar, the Miramar Social Services Department and their agents and employees from any and all claims, damages, losses, and expenses arising out of the above-described observations, volunteer work and related activities, which is for bodily injury, illness or death, or property loss of use.