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“Together, We Are Miramar” Participant Application

  1. “Together, We Are Miramar” Participant Application
    “TOGETHER, WE ARE MIRAMAR” is a storytelling project with Miramar adults exploring our individual histories, sharing them with each other, and capturing the stories on video to create a portrait of Miramar. This projects will capitalize on our authentic diversity and varied heritage to create a vibrant portrait of our city. Through this, we will create a sense of Miramar, invoke community pride, and ignite creativity in our adult population. By connecting residents to Miramar and to each other using a variety of creative art forms related to storytelling, we will honor and celebrate what is authentic to Miramar and this community.
    If you are over 18 and would like to be considered for this project as a storyteller, please provide the following information:
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