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Theater Renter Inquiry Form

  1. Theater Renter Inquiry Form
  2. Date Information
  3. Include all days and dates. This should include if any additional rehearsal dates will be needed.
  4. Have you produced any other events?
  5. Does the organization have a Non-Profit Status?
  6. The 501(C)3 document must be provided in order for the non-profit status to apply. Please attach document.
  7. Does the organization have a Florida State Sales Tax Exemption?
  8. The DR-14 Florida Sales Tax Exemption must be provided in order for the exemption to apply. Please attach document.
  9. Does the organization reside in Miramar City limits?
  10. Event Information
  11. Performance time required only
  12. Do you have an intermission?
  13. Will you sell merchandise?
    If yes, merchandise fees will apply.
  14. Will you require use of the banquet hall for a reception?
  15. Do you have any catering needs?
  16. Box Office Information
  17. Please include am or pm
  18. Is this a public event?
  19. Will you be charging an admission fee?
  20. Production Information
  21. Can you provide a technical rider?
    If not, please answer questions below.
  22. Will you provide a stage manager?
  23. Will you have any scenic elements?
  24. Include any banners or drops
  25. Will you require stairs from the audience to the stage?
  26. Will you need a podium?
  27. Do you have a stage plot?
  28. Will you require any platforms on stage?
  29. If a dance performance, will you require a marley floor?
  30. Do you require follow spots?
  31. ie, CD, IPOD, etc.
  32. If presenting a band, do you provide your own backline?
  33. Do you require a piano?
    Miramar Cultural Center does not own a piano and the use of a piano will require a rental fee
  34. Piano tuning?
  35. Do you require costume/wardrobe support?
  36. ie; projector, screen, laptop, dvd, switcher
  37. Will you be videotaping your event?
  38. Will you have any special effects?
  39. Special effects include but not limited to live flame, smoke, fog, starter's pistol, confetti, strobe lights, etc.
  40. Do you require any tables for sponsorship, merchandise or display?
  41. Purpose of the tables
    Please note merchandise fees will apply
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