City Logo

The City logo has been used prominently and consistently since 1994 and is the official seal of the City of Miramar.

Rules for Logo Use
The City of Miramar logo is available for download under the following conditions:
  • Please make sure to obtain permission from the City representative before using or reproducing this logo.
  • The City of Miramar logo should never be redrawn or altered in any way.
  • No alterations should be made to the letterforms or spacing of the logotype.
Small City Logo (150x140)

Directions for Downloading the Logo

To download, right click on the link below and choose "Save Target As..." to save the document to your hard drive.

Available Logo Downloads

Choose from the following logos:

Pantone Matching System (PMS)
Listed below are the official Pantone Matching System (PMS) numbers for each of the hues represented on the color seal:
  • Background Circle - Peach PMS 713 (70% tint)
  • Beauty and Progress - Black PMS 3 2X or Purple PMS 5135
  • Miramar Name Text - Pure White CMYK Colors
  • Miramar Title Bar - Blue PMS 3025
  • Palm Tree Border - Purple PMS 5135
  • Palm Trees - Green PMS 3285
Pantone Matching System for Logo Colors (PMS)