Garbage Collection

Curbside Garbage Collection Guidelines (Green Cart)

Green Trssh carts are collected twice (2x) per week on your scheduled collection days.  To find your trash collection days, as well as information such as which cart items should be placed in, or to receive collection reminders, click here:

Green Trash Cart Rules:

Here are some tips to help avoid interruption with your curbside collection service:

  • Place the cart within 3 feet of the street by 7 a.m. on the scheduled pickup day.
  • Bag and tie garbage before placing it in the cart.
  • Follow collections and return the cart to your home by the end of the day.
  • Make sure the arrows on the lid are always pointed toward the street.
  • The lid should not extend more than a few inches above the trash cart rim.
  • Only city-issued carts will be serviced.  Non-city-issued containers, paper bags, cardboard boxes, recycling bins, or oil drums cannot be used as garbage containers and will not be collected.
  • Branches, limbs, and palm Fronds should not be placed in the trash cart, as they easily get caught up in the dumping tracks and interrupt the collection process.  These items should be placed with your monthly bulk pickup.
  • Oil, paints, insecticides, chemicals, automotive parts, batteries, tires, medical waste, including hypodermic needles and syringes, and hazardous and electronic waste should not be placed in carts or with bulk for collection.  They present a significant risk of fire in the collection vehicle as well as pose a health risk to the drivers.  Click here for Household Hazardous Waste proper handling and disposal information.
  • Periodically wash out your cart with water and a small amount of anti-bacterial dish detergent to reduce odors and maintain sanitary conditions.
  • Have more questions, check our Frequent Asked Questions link here:

Missed Pickups

If you experienced a "missed pick-up" on your collection day or have any questions, please contact Waste Pro at 954-967-4200 or reach Customer Service via email.  Please include the name, address, phone number, and nature of your call.

Missing or Damage Green Trash Cart

If your cart needs to be repaired or replaced due to damage or theft, please email us.  Please provide a brief summary of the reasoning.