Miramar's History

The City of Miramar was incorporated May 26, 1955. At the time of incorporation, the City had a population of less than 200 people. With approximately 2.9 square miles land area, Miramar's original city boundaries were: Southwest 64th Avenue on the east, University Drive on the west the Dade County Line on the south, and Pembroke Road on the north.

City's 1st Mayor & Councils

On June 20, 1955, the City's 1st Mayor and City council were sworn in, all of which were appointed by the Governor.
  • Robert Gordon, Mayor
  • Robert Anderson, Council Member
  • Stanley Beckerman, Council Member
  • James Crum, Council Member
  • Hyman Siegal, Council Member
They all served until January 1959, at which time the first municipal election was held. Robert Gordon, the 1st Mayor of the City, gave the City its name. “Miramar” means “Look at the Sea” in Spanish (Miramar was an exclusive suburb of Havana in pre-Castro Cuba). The City seal is inscribed with its motto “Beauty and Progress". Charles F. Knapp was the city’s 1st elected Mayor. He was sworn into office 1 month later.

Mayors Having Since Served

Mayors who have served the City since:
  • Robert Gordon, June 1955 - January 1959
  • Charles Knapp, January 1959 - February 1959
  • Samuel Winfield, April 1959 - January 1960
  • Richard Calhoun, January 1960 - March 1975
  • Harry Rosen, March 1975 - March 1979
  • Joe Viens, March 1979 - March 1983
  • Frank Branca, March 1983 - April 1989
  • Vicki Coceano, June 1989 - March 1999
  • Lori C. Moseley, March 1999 - March 2015
  • Wayne M. Messam, March 2015 - Present