Mass Burn Facility


Miami-Dade County is considering building a new waste-to-energy facility, or mass burn facility, at the old Opa Locka West Airport located near the border of West Miramar. This new facility is intended as a replacement for the Doral incinerator, which was built before residential development, that caught fire earlier this year.

Mayor Wayne Messam and the City Commission are against the building of this facility as the new site is less than a mile away from the City of Miramar and has a negative impact on our health and air and water quality.

Health Impact 

Harmful chemicals and pollutants are generated by waste incinerations, including:

  • Particulate matter leading to lung and heart diseases.
  • Heavy metals like lead and mercury causing neurological diseases.
  • Toxic chemicals such as PFAS and dioxins associated with cancer and other health issues.

The Doral incinerator is known to have emitted pollutants associated with severe health risks such as cancer, respiratory problems, and reproductive health risks. Further information from the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives emphasizes that burning trash impacts efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to air and water pollution.

We Need YOUR Voice!

  • Attend a Town Hall Meeting at 
    • City Hall, Commission Chambers
    • Multi-Service Complex
    • Sunset Lakes Community Center
  • Complete this short survey and to add your name to the petition
  • Post /share a short video on social media in support of our efforts to safeguard Miramar's water and air quality.

Contact Information:

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