Rain Showers

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Miramar Water Conservation

Check out our #Racetozero initiative. Our Utilities Department works hard  to conserve and save water for our residents.

2024 Utilities Awareness Days

  1. National Lineworker Appreciation Day (April 18th) - This day recognizes the hard work and sacrifice of lineworkers who maintain and repair electrical lines, often in dangerous conditions.
  2. National Dam Safety Awareness Day (May 31st) - This day raises awareness about the importance of maintaining and inspecting dams to ensure their safety and prevent catastrophic failures.
  3. National Natural Gas Utility Workers' Day (March 18th) - This day recognizes the essential work done by natural gas utility workers to provide clean and affordable energy to homes and businesses.
  4. National Energy Awareness Month (October) - This month-long observance encourages individuals and businesses to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.
  5. Public Power Week (First full week in October) - This week recognizes the benefits of publicly-owned electric utilities, including reliable service and local control.
  6. World Water Day (March 22nd) - This day focuses on the importance of freshwater resources and the need for sustainable water management practices.