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  1. Please Note - the organization you are submitting the application for is the only organization you can advertise through the sponsorship. Booths are limited to one business or organization. Event coordinators reserve the right to make a final decision. 

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  7. In-Kind Sponsorships

    We will accept in-kind sponsorships if they are a necessary component of the event, i.e. donating necessary event supplies. However, the City of Miramar reserves the right to estimate the value of your in-kind sponsorship. We will not be accepting in-kind sponsorship in the form of gift certificates, gift baskets. et. We will also work with organizations that have volunteers to support the event.

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    Any questions regarding sponsorship opportunities or any City-related event can be directed to rahenry@miramarfl.gov, pnjoroge@miramarfl.gov 

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