Agility Test

Agility Test

The Agility Test is conducted every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the Broward College Criminal Justice Training Center located on the Broward College Campus in our neighboring city of Davie.  

The cost for the Agility Test is $40.00 and is paid directly to the Broward College IPS Criminal Justice Testing Center via their online portal.    If you sign up for only the Agility Test, Broward College charges an additional fee of $3.50.  We highly recommend signing up for both the Agility Test and Swim Test at the same time so you will only be charged the Broward College online processing fee of $3.50 one time.  

Before you can take the Agility Test, Broward College requires you to have their standard medical release form signed by your personal doctor.  Your doctor must complete the Broward College form here. 

If you do not have a family doctor, Broward College will accept their form signed by a licensed U.S. physician from any medical center or your local Health Department.

Click here to create an account to register with Broward College to pay for the test.

*This information was current as of April 26, 2021