Covid-19 Vaccine and Testing

Seniors ages 65 and older, and frontline healthcare workers, call (866) 201-6313 to request a Covid-19 Vaccine appointment. For those requiring TTY access, the phone number is (833) 476-1526.

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Please review additional information regarding the Covid-19 Walk-up Testing at the Miramar Youth Enrichment Center.

  • Test site hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. or until site has reached maximum daily testing capacity
  • Based on volume of patients which fluctuates daily, site closing time also fluctuates daily.  We recommend patients arrive early.
  • Miramar offers two types of covid-19 tests: PCR and Rapid/Antigen tests.
  • Due to limited supplies and to ensure availability for all, patients may only get one test per day.
  • PCR test (usually the test required for travel) results available within 72 hours.
  • Rapid/Antigen test results available within approximately 90 minutes.
  • Both tests are conducted using a nasal swab technique.
  • Vehicular Traffic Waiting Line - depending on volume of patients, wait times vary up to 3 hours. 
  • Once vehicles are parked within test site parking lot, patients are to remain in their vehicle until instructed by Security staff to exit the vehicle, at which time they will be directed to registration line, followed by testing. 
  • Miramar site has had an ongoing issue with patients parking in the Publix shopping center parking lot to the East and then walking across the street to the walk-up pedestrian line to skip the car line.  
  • No COVID Test parking in Publix/Shopping Center parking lot/violators may be towed.

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Broward JIC Snapshot #8: Vaccine Supply Limited But Broward Still Scheduling Appointments 


Appointments for COVID-19 vaccination sites operated by Florida Department of Health in Broward (DOH-Broward) can be scheduled using the State appointment system. Seniors age 65+ and frontline healthcare workers can call 866-201-6313 to request an appointment. For those requiring TTY access, the number is 833- 476-1526. When people call the appointment number, they will be asked via an automated system to enter information using their telephone keypad. Live agents will call people back to make appointments when appointments are available for them. 


People who receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at DOH-Broward sites through the new telephone appointment system will be called by the Call Center about 14 days after their first dose to schedule a second dose appointment. People who received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at DOH-Broward sites without making an appointment in the new telephone appointment system do not need to make an appointment for their second dose. They should return to the same site on the date written on their vaccination card at the same time as they arrived for their first dose. Please bring your vaccination card. 


  • According to the Florida Department of Health Florida Shots database, through January 24, 2021: 107,172 individuals have received their first dose of vaccine; 17,547 have received the complete twoshot series; a total of 124,719 have been vaccinated. Targeted vaccine programs continue for front line health care workers and residents age 65+ in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order. 
  • 68,931 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered at DOH-Broward managed vaccination sites in partnership with Broward County, municipalities, BSO, municipal law enforcement and EMS/Fire Rescue. 
  • 16,210 doses have been administered in senior living communities and 1,565 at faith based institutions through State missions. 
  • The vaccination site at Holiday Park/War Memorial has relocated to Snyder Park in Fort Lauderdale, for enhanced service and traffic flow. The Snyder Park site is operated by DOH-Broward in partnership with City of Fort Lauderdale. People who received their first COVID-19 vaccine at Holiday Park will receive their second dose at Snyder Park. 
  • Also, check back frequently for appointment scheduling updates through sites operated by local hospitals


State Surgeon General Scott A. Rivkees, M.D. issued a Florida Department of Health Public Health Advisory on January 21, 2021, prioritizing Florida residents for receiving vaccine in Florida. Prior to providing the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine to an intended recipient, each vaccine provider in Florida should ensure the recipient of the vaccine is either a) a resident of Florida or b) an individual present in Florida for the purpose of providing health care services involving direct contact with patients. Residency requirements are defined in Florida Statutes 381.986(5)(b) and do provide some accommodation of seasonal residents. Individuals who received a first dose before the Public Health Advisory will receive a second dose. 


DOH-Broward is continually utilizing various venues to push out information to community healthcare providers about the COVID-19 pandemic, including ongoing emails to licensed physicians, hospitals, urgent care centers, long-term care facilities, hospital Infection Control Practitioners, the Broward County Medical Association and the Broward County Healthcare Coalition. Other community outreach includes local government and many community based organizations. Direct-to-Community outreach is being achieved largely through social media.

If you are eligible for the first wave of vaccine, follow DOH-Broward on Twitter at @FLHealthBroward. Please also watch news reports and check the DOH-Broward appointment scheduler website to schedule an appointment during periods of availability. 


For DOH-Broward, visit; call 866-779-6121 or eMail

For Broward County, visit; or call COVID-19 Hotline at 954-357-9500.

Publix Vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine at Publix Pharmacy

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