Planning & Redevelopment

About Us
Planning & Redevelopment aims to achieve a well planned, safe, attractive, and sustainable community, responsive to the needs of residents, businesses and the environment.
Planning & Redevelopment provides the following services:
  • Guides citizens, developers, and builders in the processing of development approvals, including site plans, plats, rezonings, conditional uses, and variances
  • Reviews development proposals to determine compliance with the City's Comprehensive Plan  and Land Development Code regulations
  • Ensures proposed development uses are consistent and compatible with surrounding zoning districts and uses
  • Maintains site data records
  • Tracks and monitors development within the City
  • Maintains and updates the City's Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code
  • Provides technical assistance to the City Commission and the Planning and Zoning Board
  • Presides over Development Review Committee (DRC) and Community Appearance Board (CAB)
  • Reviews all non-single-family structures and signs for adherence to CAB regulations
  • Approves repainting permits for non-residential and multi-family residential buildings
  • Reviews tree removal permit applications
  • Processes all temporary use permits
  • Conducts special studies