Procurement Department

Our Department
The Procurement Department strives to develop and implement sound procurement practices and is dedicated to building strong relationships with all vendors. The Department promotes fair and open competition in the City's procurement process and provides professional leadership and guidance in understanding and using the best resources available.

The City of Miramar's Procurement Department is responsible for the procurement of goods and services in accordance with the City Code, Broward County Code, Florida State Statutes, and federal law. The Procurement Department is dedicated to the standards of competition and fairness. The Department's goal is to ensure that the citizens of Miramar receive the optimum value for every expenditure. Towards that end, we encourage all vendors to participate in doing business with the City of Miramar.

Mission Statement
The Procurement Department's mission is to acquire commodities, services and construction effectively and efficiently, while creating opportunities for participation and optimizing the resources of the City for maximum savings to the Community. 

Vision Statement

The Procurement Department's vision is to achieve a centralized, professional public procurement arena where suppliers and service providers together with the City of Miramar, can promote full and open competition and operate under the highest ethical 
standards, while providing for the needs of the Community.

Related Organizations
The City's Procurement Department is a member in good standing and subscribes to the code of ethics of the following organizations: